1812: Who Won the War? 

An interactive digital textbook designed to create a dynamic and
engaging experience in American and Canadian classrooms.

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A stellar array of educational organizations and noted educators from the United States and Canada are partners in the production of 1812: Who Won the War?

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1812: Who Won the War? offers greater educational value than most classroom textbooks. The key historical question built into the eBook’s title identifies the purpose of study from the outset and piques student interest in historical inquiry. It is clear that students will be “doing” history rather than simply reading about it.

Tina Storer Education and Curriculum Specialist, Center for Canadian-American Studies, Western Washington University

The pedagogical underpinnings of this eBook reflect the most current models in history and social studies education.

Dr. Craig Harding Curriculum Leader, Calgary Board of Education

It’s my first time using such a complete and well-drawn out resource and I can see how this will become the way we present historical events in our schools.

Yves Durocher President of the Ontario
Francophone History Teachers’ Association

This is a very impressive compilation of information – impressively organized and displayed. :) 

Betsy Arntzen Canadian Studies Outreach Coordinator
for the Canadian-American Center: University of Maine

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