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Embedded Systems

DIGITAL DESIGN    Microcontrollers (Microchip, Motorola, SGS-Thompson, Texas, ATMEL), DSP, FPGA, PLD, CMOS Image processer, displays (LCD, dot matrix, VFD, LED), single board computers.
ANALOG DESIGN   Wide range of analog circuits implemented including signal conditioning from a variety analog sensors (current, strain, pressure, position, temperature, acceleration, etc.), ADC, feedback control circuits, optoelectronics, power electronics.
COMMUNICATION   Many interfaces and protocols utilized including Ethernet, CANbus, RS422/485/232, modems, USB, Modbus.
WIRELESS   Bluetooth, ZigBee, SimpliciTI, GPS, Cellular, RFID, point-to-point VHF.
GUI   Handhelds/PDA (Windows Mobile), PC (VB, C/C++, Java), membranes.
FIRMWARE   Expert with embedded C software development. Assembler supported if required. Algorithms. Image processing.
CIRCUIT BOARD DESIGN   Complete PCB design (schematic capture, PCB layout, PCB fabrication details) SMT and thru hole. Experienced in noise minimization / EMC techniques. Design for RoHS Directive Compliance.
PROTOTYPE   Complete, assembled, tested PCBs and complete units. RoHS compliant design.
APPLICATIONS   Typical applications are HVAC, integrated controllers, control of power electronics, remote monitoring and control, handheld electronics (wireless and wired), motion control.

Dunn Engineering Inc. specializes in designing with Microchip products.



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