About Us

Company Profile

Dunn Engineering Inc. is a leading provider of product development services, offering a full range of solutions from turn-key to expert consulting. Dunn’s services include:

  • Industrial Design / Product Design
  • Circuit Design
  • Firmware and Software Development
  • Assembly of Prototypes
  • Hardware and Firmware Integration
  • Test
  • Support for Agency Approvals
  • Documentation (specifications, manuals, test, validation)


Dunn has grown steadily since the company was created in 1999, offering its clients high quality solutions and superior service. Dunn has gained experience in many industries including: aerospace, clean energy, defence, government, HVAC, manufacturing, medical, instrumentation, and transportation, providing comprehensive design and development services that allowed its clients to meet their product and system development objectives.

Successfully completing, on time and on budget, hundreds of projects in Canada, USA, Europe, and Asia, Dunn has worked for a wide range of organizations large and small. This includes Government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, SME’s and start-ups.

Dunn Engineering’s experience and expertise in the product development field specifically includes:

  • Industrial design and product design
  • Hardware Design (uC, DSP, FPGA, analog, touchscreens, etc.)
  • Communications including wireless
  • Power Electronics
  • PCB Design
  • Firmware and Software
  • Manufacture of Prototypes
  • Integration and Test


Dunn Engineering’s comprehensive services and excellent technical skills are complemented by a rigorous development process, well planned and structured project management with clear, achievable milestones, and flexible, open, highly responsive customer service.  Dunn is committed to help its clients meet their objectives.


The key to Dunn Engineering’s continuing success is the dedication, creativity, skills, and experience of its talented Engineers, Technologists and administrative staff. The staff are supported by up-to-date development tools and resources as well as Dunn’s commitment to training and career development.

Dunn has a flat management structure; clients have the opportunity to interact directly with the technical professionals, ensuring quick feedback and tight integration with client’s in-house personnel and other contactors.

When required, we leverage outside expertise to provide synergies, in providing high quality of designs and services.

Dunn has excellent industry networks in manufacturing, component distribution and complementary services.


   Our design partners include:

   Our Professional partners include:


How we do it

In terms of processes and tools, Dunn Engineering’s focus is on high quality design and development. In order to get it “right the first time” Dunn makes extensive use of project planning, simulation, CAD, firmware and software development tools to speed up development and minimize time and cost. At a minimum, a functional specification is prepared prior to design (technical uncertainties are removed at the initial stage using proof of concept breadboards) and the system or product is verified to to ensure that it meets the specified requirements.  The development methodology of each project is tailored to the clients’ requirements.


We work on a fixed price or hourly basis as appropriate for the project and as preferred by the client.

Quality Procedures and Controls

Internal Quality Manual is the default standard we follow. It defines th e project process, documents and drawing numbering/revisions, coding standards, software revision control, design guidelines and checklists, etc.

Our expertise the Electrical and Electronic Engineering. We work within our clients quality system, providing the level of documentation and controls required.

Successfully developed products and system to a wide range of quality standards: FDA (radiopharmaceuticals), Nuclear (irradiators), Military (US Army, Marines, DND), Medical devices.