We have the experience, creativity and the skilled multidisciplinary team to take your idea from a concept to a product.

Working closely with your client, and using a vigorous quality focused methodology the typical development process includes:

  • Look and feel concepts
  • User experience – How the user will interact with the product
  • Selecting the right technologies
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Analysis – Cost, size, power, functionality trade-offs
  • Product specification
  • Detail enclosure / Plastic design
  • Electronic design
  • Software development
  • Design for Manufacturing and Test
  • Prototyping – Alpha units
  • Product verification
  • Pilot build – Beta units
  • Approvals
  • Product validation
  • Production

We work closely with you through the development to ensure the embedded portion of your project performs as required and integrates with the rest of your design.

  • Review and discuss your requirements.
  • Proof of concept prototypes
  • Major component selection. Component cost and board size estimates
  • Detailed design specifications from you requirements
  • Close liaison with your industrial designers
  • Hardware design (schematics and parts list)
  • PCB Design (layout)
  • DFMT
  • PCBA prototypes
  • Integration and Test
  • Verification
  • On-going support (approvals, field test, production, etc).

It takes more to design high quality boards than simply knowing how to use CAD software.

Our knowledge and experience of embedded systems, make us a great partner for PCB designs. We understand that you need to consider:

  • Signal integrity
  • Thermal management
  • Manufacturability
  • Testability
  • Mechanical integration requirements
  • Approvals requirements, such as spacing.

Our experienced IPC certified designers, will work with you to ensure the board meets your requirements.


If you need a custom Windows application or an Android app to configure and monitor your equipment,  we can help. For example:

  • Database Interfaces
  • GUIs
  • Signal processing
  • Algorithms
  • Communications
  • Installation programs
  • Complete applications

We use our electrical, electronic, software, communications and mechanical knowledge and skills to design, build and commission your system. This includes:

  • System architecture
  • Electrical / Electronic design
  • Packaging / enclosure design
  • Assembly
  • Programming / Configuration
  • Test
  • Commissioning.

We provide general consulting and advise covering our range of expertise:

  • Hardware Design
  • FPGA Development
  • PCB Design
  • Firmware Development
  • Test
  • Troubleshooting / repair
  • Reverse engineering
  • Commercialization
  • Assembly

Whether you need expert advise on how to solve a problem, or an experienced resource on-site to work with your team, we can help.